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Fave Produce is looking to boost presence in U.S. market

By John Groh, publisher
Dec. 10, 2021
The Produce News

Fave Produce has been one of the largest supplier of ginger and garlic in the Canadian market for some time, and now the company is setting its sights to the south and is looking to boost its presence and name recognition in the United States.

Fave Produce, a division of S.T. Agri Global, was established in 2008, with headquarters in Middletown, NJ, according to Laurie Siderio, sales manager. Until recently, it has focused its business in Canada, and in fact has been the main supplier of fresh ginger and garlic to the largest supermarket chain in Canada for more than 10 years.

“Currently, our commodity lineup is mainly ginger and garlic, in bulk, bagged and peeled, but we do supply some of our retailers with Chinese vegetables such as Bok Choy, cabbage and eggplant,” said Siderio. “We recently penetrated the U.S. market with our fresh produce, and we are aggressively working to expand in the United States.”

While Fave supplies only conventional product at this time, Siderio said the company places a great deal of emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility.

“We offer socially responsible packaging that is plant-based and compostable,” she said. “We have also partnered with NORFUND, the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund owned by the Norwegian government, to help build sustainable agribusinesses in poor countries, thereby contributing to the economic and social development in those countries.” ...