FAVE + Norfund Partnership

Norfund is an active strategic minority investor, wholly owned by the Government of Norway. Norfund’s mandate is to support the building of sustainble business in poor countries and thereby contribute to economic and social development. Norfund’s current primary focus is sub-Saharan Africa; also some SE Asian and South American nations.

Goodwave and Norfund have initiated a produce growing project in Mozambique. In October of 2019, we’ve already harvested and we have premium quality African ginger – the first African ginger available in Canada – sold exclusively in Loblaw stores in select parts of Canada. This story was reported by the Toronto Star newspaper which is one of the most circulated newspapers in Canada. It was also reported by Canadian Grocer website.


FAVE and Norfund have announced a partnership effective August 20, 2019

Mozambique Farm Land

Sustainable Food Sources

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