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Goodwave Fresh Produce
Goodwave Fresh Produce
Goodwave Fresh Produce

Our Products

Shown below are just a few of the many products we supply to our retail partners.

Fresh Ginger

Goodwave Technology Ginger

Our ginger is a beverage grade ginger. It is large palm sized and is available year-round at your local grocer. With its unique flavor and juicy texture, our ginger is exceptionally pleasant for beverages such as ginger ale and tea. Scientific research has found that ginger has numerous therapeutic qualities including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Available in 1.5 lb (0.45 kg) packaging in mesh or clam shell, or other customized packaging.

Top Grade Garlic

Garlic Goodwave Technology

Our peeled garlic is a supplement product to our fresh garlic. It is fresh and convenient to use. Ready to chop, crush or use whole right when you need it.

Peeled garlic adds great flavor to cooking without added preservatives. Made from fresh garlic, pre-cleaned and ready to use. Keep your peeled garlic fresh with our re-sealable package.

Available in 3 lb (1.36 kg), 5 lb (2.27 kg) and customized packaging.

Exotic Lychee


Lychee is an exotic fruit from South Africa and Southeast Asia. It has a pleasantly sweet taste with a cherry rose flavor. Its vitamin C and beta carotene levels are higher than many other fruits and it is high in antioxidant enzymes.

East Asia's lychee season: Late April to early July. South Africa's lychee season is from late December to February, which is when it arrives in Canada. Variety: Fai Zee Siu, Hei Ye, Yu He Bao. Our focus is supplying the best lychee, high brix, big size, good color and best taste.

We have a strong technical team that make our lychee last for 30+ days. We started exporting lychee in 2002, and have exported it to Canada and Australia. In fact we are the market leader.

Available in 1.5 lb (0.45kg) packaging, 6 kg in basket and customized packaging.