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About Our Ginger

FAVE can provide you the ultimate quality ginger from China and Africa.

About Our Ginger About Our Ginger About Our Ginger About Our Ginger About Our Ginger

• Stable and consistent supply in large volume

We have warehouses in both Canada (Vancouver & Toronto) and the US (West & East coast) so that we can carry safety stock and provide stable, consistent volume to our customers. This supply chain advantage ensures our premium quality ginger is shipped to our customers.

• Long Shelf life &Superior Quality

We have perfected our shipping technique and made improvements to our crates that is most conducive to higher quality ginger with a longer shelf life.

• Customized Packaging

We can pack our ginger in bulk/bag packages and in different weights to meet our customer's preference. We offer socially responsible packaging that is plant-based and compostable.

More About FAVE

FAVE Produce is a division of S.T Agri Global, established in 2008 with headquarters in NJ. We are a minority owned company and certified with USPAACC. Our focus at FAVE is to improve the quality, safety and productivity of the world's agriculture. We always stand for premium quality and our goal is to provide the best quality fresh produce at a competitive price.

For the last 10 years we have been the largest supplier of fresh Ginger and Garlic to the largest supermarket chain in Canada. We have also been a supplier of Local Garlic to this retailer for the last 5 years. In addition, for 10+ years, we have been a key supplier of juice concentrate to one of the largest food companies in the US. We have recently penetrated the US retail market with our fresh produce and are aggressively working to expand in the US.

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Other Products


Our current commodity line up is mainly Ginger and Garlic (bulk, bag and peeled garlic)

Fave also supplies our retailers with Chinese vegetables such as bok choy, cabbage and eggplant, etc.
(Check out our product page for more info)

If you are interested in any of our products please contact our sales manager
Laurie Siderio: laurie.siderio@faveproduce.com
Tel: +1 732 290 0982