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  • Snap pea, sugar snap pea, is a cultivar group of edible-podded peas. Opposite to the snow pea pods, the snap pea pods are rounded, which are flat and thicker.

  • Like other peas, snap peas are pod fruits. Pods of the edible-podded pea, including snap peas, do not have a membrane and do not open when ripe.

  • At maturity, the pods grow to around 4-8 cm in length. Pods contain three to eight peas. The plants are climbing, and pea sticks or a trellis or other support system is required for optimal growth. Some cultivars are capable of climbing to 2 m high but plants are more commy around 1-1,3 m high, for ease of harvest and cultivation.

Snap Pea

Fave Snap Pea

Many report these Benefits

  • Vitamin C, Vitamin K and fibre content. Snap peas may offer various health benefits, including reduced heart disease risk, improved blood pressure control, gut health and weight loss.

  • Minerals. Snap peas include iron and manganese. Iron is important for oxygen transport and manganese helps with blood sugar support. A 100 g serving contains 26 percent of the daily recommended value of iron and 1- ½ percent of the recommended intake of manganese.