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  • The basil family of herbs is one of the oldest and most commonly used herbs in the world. It is utilized so extensively in Indian and Southeast Asian dishes that it is practically considered a vegetable rather than a simple herb.

  • In Vietnamese Pho, Thai basil has a prominent place on the plate of garnishes that are served along with the steamy bowl of broth, meat and noodles.

  • In Thailand and Vietnam, and in the rest of peninsular Southeast Asia, Thai basil keeps one healthy. It is more regarded as a vegetable in this region rather than just an herbal garnishing.

Vietnam Basil

Fave Vietnam Basil

Many report these Benefits

  • An Important Medicinal Plant. In over 300 different Ayurvedic herbal treatments for thousands of years, including tinctures, teas, ointments and tonics, such as those in Southeast Asia and India.

  • A boost in immunity and protection from disease. Because the herbs like basil contain essential oil compounds because these help the plant defend itself from predators like bugs, rodents and strains of bacteria in the soil.